Vision & Mission

With the increased production capacity and in order for WALK ABOUT to be at the competitive advantage in the world today, we had decided to diversify our business from only producing Casual Footwear into producing Uniform Footwear as well as Safety Footwear. Our management had also decided to develop new market for exporting our Casual Footwear.

Our Vision
WALK ABOUT’s VISION 2011 – To be the leader in Casual, Uniform & Safety Footwear by 2011

Our Mission
In order to march the organisation towards the company vision, we have determined our Mission as follows:

  • To Gain 30% Local Market Share of Uniform Footwear & Safety Footwear by 2008
  • To increase the export sales by 50% by 2009

With a sound mission statement, we have set our Five – Year Goals & Objectives to succeed in our quest to be a leader in the Footwear Industries.

WALK ABOUT’s previous Strategic Objectives were focusing more on growing the company from a home-based operation to a small-medium sized enterprise from every aspects of the business including its finance, market, product, management as well as facilities.

The newly appointed strategic objectives tend to drive our organization towards expanding the existing products into new markets, as well as diversifying our product lines in order to increase our market share in the local footwear market.

We believe that with our sound expertise in the industry, the state-of-the-art Full Scale Manufacturing facilities, and the determination and cooperation from all our beloved and respected staffs and partners, we would be able to succeed in our vision to be the leader.



  • Established our trademark WALK ABOUT®, with a workforce of 10 sewing the shoes manually in a rented shop house.


  • Shifted our operation to a bigger premise to accommodate the higher demand, then operating with 40 workers.
  • Set-up the rubber sole manufacturing facilities in addition to the existing footwear manufacturing facilities.


  • Started exporting footwear to countries such as Singapore and Saudi Arabia under our own registered brand, WALK ABOUT® and LAS PALMAS®.


  • Managed to manufacture under license for a popular USA brand owner.


  • Expanded manufacturing operations from Home-based Concept into Departmental, Objective-based Concept.


  • Expanded our exporting business to Indonesia and Australia under our own registered brand.


  • Built and shifted to our wholly owned factory which resides on a land size of 1 acre with a built up area of 30,000 square feet. We have another 3 acres of land for further expansion.


  • Expanded Rubber Sole Department to accommodate additional Press Moulding Machines.


  • Sole manufacturer for the popular USA brand owner in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.
  • Managed to secure contracts and jobs with major corporates, as well as factories and we are still expanding.
  • Established the KL branch office to facilitate us in providing better services to our valuable customers.